Melamine faced plywood sheets Vietnam

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Melamine faced plywood sheets Vietnam,  It is made with 100% eucalyptus tree, hardwood core, grade A, produced with WBP waterproof glue combined with formaldyhyde glue E0, E1, E2, MR. We will process melamine sheet coating according to customer requirements.

What is included? Melamine faced plywood sheets Vietnam. Please find the section below with us.

Melamine faced plywood sheets Vietnam

  • Melamine faced plywood is a plywood with both sides lamianted . with preglued melamine glue coated paper.
  • The paper can be white, blue, green, red. or wood grains like cherry, beech, walnut. sapelle, mohogany, etc.
  • The melamine faced plywood. particle board, chipboard or mdf used in the manufacture of furniture. The high need of furniture need the plywood to made with throughout hardwood core or combi. Regular poplar core is not enough for furniture making.
  • Covered in a hard-wearing melamine impregnated paper film that is chemically bonded to a birch plywood core using heat & pressure, melamine faced plywoods are tough, waterproof and scratch resistant.
  • They are used extensively in the manufacture of furniture, kitchens & toys and installations such as shopfitting, exhibitions & displays, workshops & vehicle conversions.
  • Melamine faced plywood made of birch. or poplar plywood with improved face and core veneer.
  • Tow sides of the plywood panel coated with uniform, melamine film. In Vietnam, SOMMA Co., Ltd produces 100% eucalyptus wood core, is the raw material from planted wood in Vietnam, belongs to hardwood line and has standard A, is dried at 8-10% temperature.
  • White melamine faced birch plywood is ideal for furniture and shelving systems. The edges can be easily worked and finished to highlight the high-quality natural birch core.
  • Birch plywood has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and is a loadbearing structural panel, kitchens toys. and installations such as. shopfitting, exhibitions displays, workshops & vehicle conversions. 
  • Melamine decorative birch plywood have follow texture: dark brown. acrylic paint. wood grains. smooth white melamine. formaldehyde emission have E1 or E0
Malamine plywood for chair table
(Malamine plywood for chair table)


Melamine faced plywood bending
(Malamine plywood bending)

Melamine Plywood Specification

Face/Back White, Black, Gray, Titanium White, Warm White, Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, Brown, Coffee, Cherry, Beech, Sapeli, Walnut, Wenge, Teak, Oak Etc.
Wood core Hard core
Size 1220 x 2440; 1250 x 2500; as required.
Thickness 9mm – 12mm – 15mm- 18mm – 21mm  24mm- 26mm – 28mm – 30mm (plus surface coating)
Thickness tolerances ± 0.5mm
Moisture content 8 – 10%
Density ≥ 700kg/m3
Wood species Eucalyptus 100% Hardwood(Eucalyptus, Forest wood)
Glue WBP –  E0 – E1
 Shaped press 1 time
Hot press 1 time
Properties  Hygienic and easy to clean, good chemical and UV-resistance
Standard SOMMA’s standard
Plywood core melamine faced plywood sheets Vietnam
(Malamine plywood core)
Plywood core for preparing melamine coating
(Malamine plywood SOMMA)
Melamine faced plywood sheets Vietnam
(Malamine plywood with core 100% Eucalyptus)

Advantages of melamine faced plywood sheets

  • Melamine impregnated faced birch plywood high temperature resistance is good. and the melamine faced plywood sheet’s anti-combustion. and moisture-proof skills are also very good. so most of them used in the production of bedroom wardrobes, cabinets. and various types of panel furniture.
  • Plywood melamine is not easy to change the color of the plate, the daily use of the paint is not easy to happen. Thus, users can put the melamine faced plywood sheets. production into a different style. or texture is particularly strong veneer application. so the melamine faced plywood sheets has become a major furniture factory material. melamine faced plywood sheets is also a kind of paint-free composite material. the use of both low carbon environmental protection. harmful substances emissions is also particularly low.
  • Melamine plywood has beautiful and elegant decorative surface, no need to spray paint, no toxic substance, moisture-proof, fire-proof, no pungent smell, irritating to the user. Hard appearance is shockproof, warm, shockproof, durable,curve molding.

Decorative Plywood Panels Disadvantages

  • Melamine plywood core is manufactured in a professional process and has certificates such as: FSC® or SGS Certificate, otherwise it is easily damaged during use.
  • Melamine plywood has a heterogeneous melamine surface, losing the aesthetics of the product, the design will be more complicated.
  • The market has many product lines with quality and competitive prices, creating many products without quality, choose melon products on the wrong production process to help create the product’s long-lasting products when purchased.

Application for kitchen cabinets

  • Plywood made from layered wood panels, with grain pattern perpendicular to the plate below to make it resistant to splitting. Covered with a plastic layer that helps the melamine plywood under heavy dynamic forces will not break the structure of the board. The core of hardwood timber belongs to the plantation timber group, which is the core of this plywood line.
  • Production standards using glue with formaldehyde emissions allow specific glue: E0, E1, E2 and some chemicals made from hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. The glue used in construction may increase formaldehyde concentration. emits VOC (volatile organic compound) into the air. European standard with or Japanese standard, to make it safe. You can use such a different way: E0, E1, E2
  • Building cabinets with melamine plywood is easier than making them from melamine veneer panels. It is easier to cut and because the material is less dense, it is easier to assemble the cabinet with screws and nails. Cabinets made from plywood are also lighter, an asset for top cabinets. Melamine cutting is performed by sawing with a scoring device and a CNC router to prevent chipping. It is important to support the material while cutting and putting in the screws.

Melamine faced plywood sheets Vietnam Suppliers

We are a manufacturer of melamine plywood boards in Vietnam, we can meet the specifications and dimensions you require, in addition we export plywood core for melamine coating. Please email or call us with your request. Our plywood applications include kitchen cabinets, shelves, cupboards, walls, wardrobes and furniture. We also provide cutting service. We can cut any piece of wood to your required size, if you need more cuts, please email or call us with your request. So we can arrange this.

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