FaceDynea brown Glue WBP – Phenolic
BackDynea brown Glue WBP – Phenolic
Wood coreHard core; mixed core
Size1220 x 2440; 1250 x 2500; as required.
Thickness12mm – 15mm – 18mm – 21mm
Thickness tolerances± 0.5mm
Moisture content≤ 10
Density≥ 650kg/m3
Wood speciesRubber, Eucalyptus, Styrax, Acacia

Hardwood(Eucalyptus, Forest wood)

Usage repetition (2 sides)≥ 10 times
StandardSOMMA’s standard


Production Process

Brief summary of film faced plywood production process

– Material selection
– Tapes onto the surface of the material
– Standardize the board by layering by line
– Cold pressing
– Hot pressing
– Treatment of board surface, sanding, cutting edge board.
– film coating 2 surfaces.

Application of film faced plywood

Film faced plywood is used as a formwork in industrial, commercial and residential projects. It has many advantages compared to traditional products such as:

+ Concrete surface is completely flat, no mortar after casting. Light density, portable, easy to install. Save on labor costs and shorten project progress.

+ Not water repellent, reuse many times, high economic efficiency.

Plywood consists of several layers of veneer that are hot pressed 2 – 3 times with heat – resistant adhesive (WBP) to increase resilience, hardness of plywood and ability to work in wet conditions. God.

+ Film is phenolic adhesive film to smooth surface, less scratches and protect the use of plywood. Plywood core is using hardwood.

Features & Characteristics

– Film faced plywood is made from high quality hardwood, providing stable stability for the users.

– The core of plywood is using plant wood

– Plywood film consists of several layers, which are processed by pressing process, hot pressed 2 to 3 times with the adhesive of waterproofing, increasing the elasticity, hardness of the product together with the tolerance. Strong pressure in outdoor weather conditions.



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