Face veneer Vietnam Veneer, okoume or as required.
Back veneer Vietnam Veneer, okoume or as required.
Wood core Hard core; mixed core
Size 1000 x 2000; 1220 x 2440; or as required.
Thickness 3mm; 6mm; 8mm đến 60mm
Thickness tolerances ± 1mm
Moisture content 13° – 15°
Density ≥ 650kg/m3
Wood species Rubber, Eucalyptus, Styrax, Acacia

Hardwood(Eucalyptus, Forest wood)

Glue UF; MR; E0; E1; E2; Melamine
Shaped press 1 time
Hot press 1 time
Cold press 1 time
Surface sanding  or as required

Packing Plywood

Packing plywood is the plywood which it’s used popular to make the products, pallets, crating goods, particularly used packaging for good, fresh fruit, fragile shipping.

In the process of goods transportation, the enterpries often use wooden crates. However, the natural wood box usually has a fairly hight price. Woooden boxes back often colide in the process of moving easily to good failing, collision damage,and lead to a strong wooden boxes virtually impossible to resuse. Consequently, business owners have to spent quite a lot more cost to buy crates whenever freight demand.

To minimize losses and avoid damaged goods, and budget saving, the cost of shipping. The business has been gradually use plywood instead of packing the kind of wooden box made of natural wood

Plywood packing’s composition, characteristics

Plywood packing’s composition

Plywood packing includes two main components: Wood core and Glue

  • The Wood core of plywood packing is usually make from soft wood such as Rubber, Acacia, Eucalyptus, they undergo the process of compressing yo cable and hard, can with stand shocks, bumps
  • Glue: depending on the need of the plywood packaging that manufacturers often different glues, for the products used in the home, people often use the MR, glue, products, products used in outdoor environments win-resistany to rain, moisture, then use glue to WBP may be better well.

The product packaging is often lower prices, also do not require the high aesthetic surface quality should not matter, not surface requirement sanding smooth, not as smooth as plywood.

The plywood packaging’s characterstics

  • Surface is not pretty like other plywood types
  • Can good water resistant or water?
  • Have a high economic
  • Has stabilitized
  • Robust, sturdy
  • Har+
  • Hard broken, shattered
  • Moderate volume
  • Resist good
  • Ability to protect good

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  • Funiture plywood’s specifications
  • Dimensions: 1000 x 2000mm; 1220 x 2440mm; or required.
  • Thickness: 4 – 60mm
  • Thicknes tolerance: ± 1mm
  • Word Core: Hard core; mixed core
  • Wood species: Rubber, Eucalyptus, Styrax, Acacia Hardwood(Eucalyptus, Forest wood)
  • Suface: A/B or B/C
  • Moisture content: 13° – 15°
  • Glue: MR; WBP; UF; MR; E0; E1; E2; Melamine
  • Density: ≥ 600kg/m3
  • Shaped press 1 time
  • Hot press 1 time
  • Surface requirement not sanding
  • Production of European standards

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Packaging wood’s application

  • Packaging, boxes of goods
  • Pallets boards
  • Chair cushion pads
  • Hang up, do the shelves

In addition, the plywood packing also can be applied to a number of products in the field of furniture or construction.

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