SOMMA COMPANY LIMITED was established in April 14, 2014 as an enterprise specializing in the production of commercial plywood, Construction plywood: Film faced plywood, furniture plywood, and industrial plywood products for consumer goods…

With state-of-the-art equipment, professional production management, skilled technical staff, SOMMA Company provides high quality products with guaranteed delivery schedule to meet the different needs of customers.

The strength of the SOMMA brand difference is that the specialization of each department, the high responsibility and the technical supervision to work seriously and carefully to create products to complete each detail. In addition, the department regularly exchanges work, shares difficulties and innovations to create a more dynamic, creative and professional SOMMA in each project we participate in.

With the motto “Cooperation for success”, and the orientation “Continuous improvement”, we have always made efforts in terms of manpower, material resources, building brand prestige and trust with customers. Products we provide.

The trust and support of customers during the past time is a great encouragement on the way of development of SOMMA. We promise to constantly improve, serve our customers best to always be worthy of this belief.