Waterproof plywood – Being boiling water proof

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Waterproof plywood or phenolic glue-coated plywood, glue-coated formwork plywood made at SOMMA, is classified into 2 types of glue-covered plywood as follows: Red glue-coated plywood, water-resistant glue-coated plywood.

These two boards, mostly used in construction, make up 90%. In which the remaining 10% is used for: Plywood for partitions, plywood for guarding … Use for shielding.

Waterproof plywood
Plywood is coated with water-resistant glue also known as waterproof plywood.

What is Waterproof plywood?

Waterproof plywood , also known as glue-coated coppha plywood, is widely used and replaced with film-coated plywood, which is wrong to optimize the cost of construction materials. The inner core of the plank has been glued and the entire outer plank is covered with a layer of glue, this glue layer helps the plank, hard, resistant to water, moisture, mold, termites, and increased impact resistance.

The glue layers covered on the board are: UF glue, Melamine glue, Phenolic glue, mixed and added color: Yellow, black, red, or transparent.

Waterproof plywood includes the following types: 

  1. Plywood coated with phenolic glue
  2. Plywood coated with melamine glue
  3. Plywood covered with UF glue
  4. Plank covered with red glue, yellow glue, black glue
  5. WBP glue coating (waterproof glue)

After being coated with glue, it is assumed that this type of plywood will be classified as building plywood or construction formwork.

Waterproof plywood
(Plywood coated with water-resistant phenolic glue)


Waterproof plywood covered with red glue
(Plywood covered with red glue)
  • Used in the construction works to greatly reduce labor costs and construction time.
  • The most common use is in forming formwork, where the number of reuse is relatively good.
  • Thanks to the Waterproof plywood glue coating, the outside and easy cutting, joining again. The foreign name of this type is  Glue-coated plywood
  • Adhesive board, used by companies producing water, beer, soft drinks … to make pallets lined under each package, facilitating the transportation and storage of goods.
  • Use for stage floors, floor linings in cinema systems, planks help resist water, moisture, termites, termites, mold thanks to the external glue.
  • Partitions, outdoor objects, travel-lined floors are exposed to water, humidity …

Compare red glue plywood and Waterproof plywood

Glue-coated plywood : SOMMA produces 2 basic standards as follows:

  • Common standard: There is not a high amount of Waterproof plywood, the need to reuse 2-3 times.
  • High standards: Use WBP or phenol waterproof glue, used for projects with repeated use needs, high turnover, optimal cost for contractors.
  • There are usually the following types and sizes: 1m x 2m, 1m2 x 2m4 used exclusively for floor, flyover and column use: 15cm to 80cm horizontal, 3m5 to 4m long and 17mm to 19mm thickness.
  • Red acacia-coated formwork: Using a pole produced with the main material is cashew wood, the advantage of this tree is plastic, long, and good elasticity. When nailed, the edge of the board does not come off.

Plywood coated with water-resistant phenolic glue : SOMMA is specially produced for floor-filling, size 1m x 2m and 1m2 x 2m4. Is a wood substitute for film coated boards , helping to optimize costs, suitable for small and medium projects. The number of turns is not high, does not require a strict concrete surface. Areas of supply and receiving reports: Price of water-resistant plywood HCMC.

Currently, SOMMA supplies and wants to find a distributor, please contact us to receive: Quotation of glued plywood, formwork plywood, coppa … And many products about formwork other construction.

General structure Waterproof plywood

Most of the board structure consists of 3 basic components: the core of the board, 2 layers of the board surface and the plywood glue.

  1. SOMMA board core commonly used is hardwood and softwood, with standards A, B, C. The main wood group is eucalyptus wood, rubber wood, acacia, cashew civet.
  2. Two layers of the board with similar standards are A, B and C, which can be mixed with the top and bottom according to AB, BB, BC or CC.
  3. SOMMA glue used is E2 glue, E1 glue, E0 glue and melamine, phenolic glue, WBP water resistant glue.

It is composed of the following components:

  • 2 Surface and 4 edges of the board: Covered with 2 layers of WBP water-resistant glue.
  • Intestine layer: Consists of many layers of wood that are overlapping with waterproof glue.
  • The wood is sliced ​​into thin veneer sheets, dried, then classified into A, B, C. With many different sizes.
  • Product material: Eucalyptus wood, acacia wood, pine forest wood, rubber tree wood.
  • Most are hardwoods and plantation timber, with a certain hardness, harvested at the right time.
  • Size: Common in Vietnam 1000mm x 2000mm – 1220mm x 2440mm, 10mm to 30mm or as required.
  • The glue for board production at SOMMA is used on its own method of cooking, which is of high quality as desired.
  • Optimizing quality than buying 3rd party glue. Current common plywood glue: WBP Waterproof plywood adhesive combined with content of E1, E2, MR glue.

Production process

  • Plywood covered with water-resistant glue, selected for production materials: Veneer is dried and classified according to standards A, B, C
  • Floss the adhesive onto the material surface through the glue laminating machine, before transferring to the conveyor belt.
  • The layered conveyor system keeps the board structure fixed and secure.
  • Combined on laminating, stabilizing the plywood layers. Pressing time is 30-60 minutes depending on the thickness of the board.
  • The system of heat presses, increase the heat to make the glue stick to the boards is increased.
  • Edge cutting machine, surface treatment of glue coated plywood.
  • Flap the waterproof adhesive layer on the board surface and edge.
  • In addition to adhesive products (glued), we also directly heat-press the whole board.
  • The last step is to dry, dry the boards, some factories are sun-dried, or let the boards dry in the wind.
(? Film-coated plywood factory)

Classification of glue board

SOMMA factory’s glue coating board is manufactured according to high standards to low price. We produce according to each board standards customers request.

  • Red glue board : Saving investment cost, the need to reuse the interior is 2-4 times. In addition to the red glue coating, there is also the yellow glue, black glue, or the natural transparent color of the original glue.
  • Plywood coated with Waterproof plywood phenolic glue: The average number of uses fluctuates ≥ 5 times, the average investment.
  • Film-coated plywood : High quality, SOMMA film-coated plywood? Reusable ≥ 8 times. Economic investment costs of high-rise buildings
  • Heat-resistant glue plywood: Eucalyptus core, standard A, using water-resistant glue and pressed under a high-temperature press. Help the board to withstand high temperatures.

Waterproof plywood SOMMA

Application of Waterproof plywood

  • Making Waterproof plywood formwork for floor pouring with reuse demand ≤ 5 times
  • Shelves, floors, outdoors, places need shielding against water and termites
  • Construction of stage floors, amusement parks, Lotte cinema floors, roller skates
  • Making pallets for empty boxes (Lavie water), storing boxes in the warehouse
  • Some applications outdoors and in environments with water.
  • Thanks to the adhesive coating, the board can be used for outdoor projects, especially in construction, making concrete pouring.
  • Replacing gypsum ceilings, plywood used as ceilings, with the advantage of being resistant to termites, helping the height for many years of use.
  • Partition lining, soundproof liner for room, show room …

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SOMMA produces almost all wooden boards for the construction industry. Always offer solutions, in accordance with standards and quality according to different project needs.

This helps customers to reduce the cost of materials investment, economic efficiency, the progress of early completion of the project, shorten the time to pay workers.

SOMMA works with the criteria: Sharing – Cooperation – Mutual benefits. Always listen to customers’ suggestions, fix products, errors, incomplete. Upgrading the system of machines, the process of training workers has always been improved. Bring complete products to each segment of construction boards.

More: https://somma.vn/van-ep-van-go-nhap-khau/

Plywood SOMMA construction: FAST – LIGHT – GREEN

With more than 30 years experience in industrial plywood manufacturing. We always want to bring construction solutions to the construction industry, produce wooden furniture, products with quality, price and always the best.

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