Face veneer Vietnam Veneer or as required.
Back veneer Vietnam Veneer or as required.
Wood core Hard core; mixed core
Size 1000 x 2000; 1220 x 2440; or as required.
Thickness 4mm; 6mm; 8mm đến 60mm
Thickness tolerances ± 1mm
Moisture content 13° – 15°
Density ≥ 650kg/m3
Wood species Rubber, Eucalyptus, Styrax, Acacia

Hardwood(Eucalyptus, Forest wood)

Glue UF; MR; E0; E1; E2; Melamine
Shaped press 1 time
Hot press 1 time
Cold press
Surface sanding

Commercial Plywood

Commercial Plywood is the name of product plywood used for different industries, and It’s good product which use for trade, export to forien countrires.

Commercial plywood includes many different plywood product. Of these, there are 3 kind of plywood used most:

  • Packing plywood
  • Purniture plywood
  • Marine plywood

Commercial plywood’s composition and characterisitic.

It made by many wood pices and pressed together by the bonding varies, depending on what type of plywood structure as well as its characteristics will differ. However, these things have the structure and general characteristics of the plywood’s lend

The commercial plywood’s texture has  2 main components:

  • Wood core made from many different wood, having good endurance, high quality. Perhap, it’s Styrax, Keruing, Acacia, Eucalyptus.
  • Glue to combine the wood together with each other in away sure to from the one sheet of its and the manufacturers often use water boiler proof glue to waterpoof or moisture pesistand against noisture

General characteristics of commercial plywood

  • Ability waterpoof noisture proof, or wet for a long time, borer, and destructive mildew damage plywood
  • Hight economics value

Specifications of commercial plywood

Commercial plywood have many different specification, and the manufacturies always create its to ensure the product diversity, and suit with induistry that it’s be use.

Due to the customer know clearly about the produt, we share the base specification for the customer :

  • Dimension : (lengh x width) 1220mm x 2440mm
  • Thickness: 4-28 mm
  • Thickness Tolerance: ±1mm
  • Face Veneer : B/C or A/B
  • Wood Core: Styrax, Keruing, Acacia, Eucalyptus , and Forest Woods
  • Glue: 100% WBP or MR
  • Surface Requirement : sanding or W/O sanding
  • Density: from 600kg/cbm

Please contact to Mr Hai, If the customer request the size, or the thickness of commercial plywood : (+84) 944 937 511 (Mr. Hai)

Commercial plywood’s applications

Depending on the characteristics that kind of commercial plywood was applied to different fields and professions

  • Using in furniture, bulding: pallet,barrel, and chair pads cushions
  • Using in the maritime industry, shipbulding
  • Using as the trucks and container flooring
  • Application to subtitute for type of exterior plywood

Please contact to Mr hai, If the customer request the size, or the thickness of commercial plywood (+84) 944 937 511 (Mr. Hai)


Today, SOMMA is providing commercial plywood like this with high quality, which ensure the full speccifications its. Beside, it’s extremely reasonable prices, and exports to the world around such as: Japan, Korean, India, Turkey, Dubai, or Europe.

We aways ensure the quality in top, regular upgrade process, modern technology, to abtain the most advanced commercial plywood quality and supply to custommers but it’s still guaranteed cheapest prices fast delivery, and support a maximum transported most.


We look forward to work and cor-operate with the customer.